Flymemo YE-106 Super Mini wireless v3.0+EDR Bluetooth Headset

Flymemo YE-106 super mini wireless v3.0+EDR Bluetooth headset Black

Buy Flymemo YE-106 Super Mini wireless v3.0+EDR Bluetooth Headset on Amazon

High performance stereo bluetooth headset, small, lightweight and stylish.
Multiuse connects up to 2 active bluetooth devices.
A2DP, support music playback, and support monaural mode and extended headset mode.
Transmission range of up to 10 meters.
Compatible with all bluetooth enabled devices such as mobile phones, iPhone, Samsung, etc.

This Bluetooth wireless headset designs with fashion elements and new wireless technology; its mini size and contraption are completely in conformity with the fashion life demand. No matter where you are, on the road, in the office, or driving the car, as DSP technology, is completely contraption and fashion. It can provide you with a clear and melodious timbre in anytime and anywhere.

 Technical parameters:


Bluetooth version V3.0
Bluetooth mode hands free/headset/AV/AV RCP profile
Radio frequency 2.4GHz
Transmission power class2
The transmission range 10 meters
The charger power AC input DC output 5V110-240V
Chip CSR
Function Bluetooth,microphone,noise canceling
Connectors USB
Talk time 4H
Standby time 120H
Charging time 2H

 Operation method


 Press the power button for 7-10 seconds, Bluetooth headset can start up and into search, then the indicator light will turn into the blue and red light alternating flashing quickly.


 1.When the Bluetooth headset just starting up, the blue light can flicker twice, now keep on press the power button.

 2.After starting up, connection must be executed in 2 minutes, if not must e restart.


 After starting up, without any operating in two minutes, Bluetooth deadest will turn to standby. At this time, the Bluetooth headset cannot be searched.


 Press the Multi-function button for 10 seconds, the red and blue light flicker twice, then the light black out for shutdown state.


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